Renewal Programme


Annual retreat is arranged at least twice a year for the sisters for the renewal of their lives. Such retreats are conducted either by priests or by the general animation team. Apart from this, Tapas Retreats and charismatic retreats are also arranged for those who are interested. In 2016 itself three Tapas Retreats are conducted. Sisters show lot of interest to attend the Tapas Retreat, they also benefit from it. Along with the retreats, at times counselling facilities are also arranged so that sisters could get personal help from the retreat preachers.


In all the communities a day is fixed for monthly recollection. In most of the communities it is fixed on the second Saturday. Sometimes a resource person is invited for a talk or a discussion and the sacrament of reconciliation is administered in such occasions. Usually we select a theme for each monthly recollection and the talk will be based on that particular topic. Community evaluation, one to one sharing etc. are conducted along with the monthly recollections which will be a help for the sisters to look into their personal life and to make the necessary changes.


Arrangements are made for the sisters to spend one week in prayer and reflection. It is a help for the sisters to be away from the busy scheduled life and make themselves calm and free to be with the Lord and examine their lives in the presence of the Lord.


Batch wise gatherings are arranged in different occasions so that sisters of the same age can come together, share their success and failures, their insights and inspirations and empower them in the light of the present day demands from the world as well as from the church to live the spirit and charism of FCC. Classes/seminars are arranged by the experts in such occasions,so that sisters may get the opportunity to update their spiritual, psychological and moral capabilities and thus continue to move towards an integrated personality. It is a time for the sisters to enrich one another by sharing their rich experiences in the apostolic field.


Sisters are encouraged to attend the short courses conducted in different renewal centres. Such programmes help the sisters to look into their own personal lives and make the necessary changes in the personal and community life. These are some of the instancesthat enables the sisters to develop their social relationships, share the learning experiences, and thus make themselves fresh, energetic and enthusiastic.

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