Healing Ministry

Healing Ministry

"He sent out His Word and healed them and delivered them from destruction" (Ps 107:20). The Word of God heals the broken hearted. Realizing the fact that most of our ailments are one or the other way connected to mental brokenness, a good number of our sisters serve in the ministry of the care of the sick.  Compassion was the heart and soul of Jesus' life and mission. Along with the physical treatment our sisters also spend time and energy to bring healing to the mind and soul of those who come to the hospitals and dispensaries. Their concern is the integral development of the person.  There are two hospitals and five dispensaries in our province through which our sisters dedicate themselves to exude the compassionate love of God.


1. Jeevadan Hospital                           Kamareddy

2. Jeevadan Hospital                           Yellareddy


1. Alphonsa Dispensary                      Dewarghatta

2. St. Ann's Catholic Dispensary        Vijayanagaram

3. Catholic Rural Health Centre         Anukoda

4. Catholic Rural Health Centre         Marthidi

5. Lakshmi Kantham Dispensary        Lingampet

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