Challenging Ministries

Following the example of St. Francis and the charism received from the founders, some of our sisters with much zeal and enthusiasm dedicate themselves to lead a challenging life serving the marginalized brethren of the society. Sisters fulfill this mission being with them and supporting them in their physical, mental and moral struggle by radiating the compassionate love of Jesus Christ. The challenging ministries our province take up are as follows:

Leprosy Centres

We have some of our sisters helping the lepers in the Jesus Grace Leprosy Centre.  Sisters visit them often and arrange programmes for their integral development. Awareness programmes and prayer sessions are conducted occasionally.  They are given rise and dal once a month.


A group of eunuchs staying in a village almost 10kms away for our provincial house. Sisters visit them occasionally and pray with them. They are given talks on moral education, manners of dignified life, basic human values etc. They are given chances also to join with us on our important feast celebrations. They feel comfortable in our presence and enjoy friendly atmosphere in our convent.   

Prison Ministry

I was in prison and you visited me (Mt 25:36). Hearing the words of Jesus in the brethren who are in the jail some of our sisters are inspired to serve the prisoners. Sisters visit the jail and meet the inmates of jail especially the ladies. Sisters spend time to listen to them and help them to find solutions for their problems. A good amount of money is spent to release the prisoners from the jail. They are given moral and spiritual support in various ways.

Special School

NirmalJyothi Special School, started in the year 2009,with the goal to lead the specially able children to independent living. Every child is a special child and every child has equal right as anyone of us. So NirmalJyothi Special Schoolis pursuing towards this goal with the motto of Enable the disabled.

Once the parents come to know that their child is M.R. they try to hide it in their own houses and the life become very miserable. Now our NirmalJyothi Special School is a ray of hope and a bacon in their lives. Parents started to realize the need of education to these specially talented children. Now we have around 65 children from the local area alone, ranging from 4 years to 18 years. There are 14 staff in this institution. There is also hostel facility for the children to stay. The brothers from Rogeshinist congregation render their service once a week and our formees also help them daily.

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