Hearty Congratulations To Sr. Anjali Soreng, Sr. Seema Minj, Sr. Karuna Kujur And Sr. Mounika On The Day Of Their Vestition & 1st Commitment

23.10.2018. Its a day of great joy and warmth for all the members of Nirmala Province, Vijayawada. Four novices Seema Minj, Karuna Kujur, Polabathina Mounika and  Anjali Soreng (Clare Jyothi Region Odisha) made their 1st Profession. Hearty Congratulations to the newly professed sisters; Sr. Anjali Soreng (Odisha), Sr. Seema Minj, Sr. Karuna Kujur & Sr. Mounika for the couragious step you have taken. We wish you all the best; our humble prayers and blessings will be with you.

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