Milestones of the Province
20th June, 1969 12 sisters from VimalaProvince, Kothamangalam reached to the mission places - Vijayanagaram-4 (A.P), Shajapur-4 (M.P) & Durg-4 (C.G).

12th March, 1989 'Nirmala Region' was established.

17th November, 1989 Registration of Nirmala Society of the Franciscan Clarist Sisters.

22nd March, 1990 Blessing & Inauguration of the regional house - Assisi Convent

19th March, 1992 Blessed and inaugurated the 'Mission House' at Muvattupuzha.

29th November, 1993 First batch Novices, 12 of them made their Vestition and Profession in Nirmala Region, Vijayawada.

07th February, 1994 First Provincial Synaxiswas held

08th February, 1994 Nirmala Vice-Province was established. Rev. Sr. Fatima is elected the First Provincial Superior
08th February, 1994 Celebration of the Silver Jubilee of our Mission(1969-1994)

04th December, 1997 Declaration of Nirmala Vice-Province to Nirmala Province.

08th April, 2002 First Profession of the first fruit from outside Kerala Sr. Pavithra from A.P

22nd November, 2009 Started a school for the 'Differently Abled Children' 

08th October, 2011 Shifting of Nirmala Provincial house to the new building.

01st April, 2013 Challenging Ministry among Eunuchs started.

08th December, 2013 Ministry among Cancer patients began in Omega Hospital,Hyderabad. 

12th May, 2014 Sr.Soumya received Florence Nightingale Award from the Indian President for her committed service in the Nursing field.
The Golden Jubilee of our presence in North India and the Silver  Jubilee of Our Province was inaugurated on 1st July 2018
19th May,2018. A home for the women in distress was blessed at Nidamanuru. 

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